WP Dashboard Tweaks

This product requires WP Builder plugin installed on your WordPress website. This is a free product and you can install it on any of your personal or commercial websites.

WP Builder SCSS Compiler

Dashboard Tweaks lets an admin customize the default WordPress features in the admin panel of their website as per their requirements. An admin can easily control and change various settings for all as well as few users of his website. This add-on lets you change the branding of your website, Enable/disable menu options, control the visibility of widgets and much more.

features and more

Branding & Logo
This option lets you change the branding and logo for your WordPress Website. You can choose a custom logo of your own choice to be displayed at default WordPress Login Screen. You can also change WordPress Email Address and Sender name.
Screen Options & Help Menu
This feature lets you to choose to either enable or disable the Screen Options menu displayed on the top right corner of admin area. You can as well enable or disable the Help Menu displayed on the top right corner of admin area. Also, easily choose user roles to apply these settings from the dropdown of user roles.
Dashboard Widgets
You can select Dashboard widgets to be disabled for all users in Dashboard Widgets Settings. You can also choose to fix the Metaboxes position that appear on your WordPress Dashboard.Also, easily choose the user roles to apply these settings for from the dropdown of user roles.
Admin Footer
You can also change the text that appears on the left corner of footer. Also you can replace the version text that appears on the Right corner of Footer.
WordPress Admin Bar
This setting lets you customize your WordPress Admin Bar. You can choose a custom logo for the Admin Bar. You can also disable admin bar for specific user roles.This setting also gives you an option to add your own text in place of the default WordPress greeting text on top right section. Besides above options,this setting also lets you Move Admin Bar to bottom, Add extra Admin Bar Menus, Remove default Admin bar Menus.
WordPress Admin Menu
This setting lets you add admin bar Menus. you can easily create custom menus and include them in the WordPress Admin bar. You can also choose to remove default admin bar menus from the default menu dropdown.

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