Introducing The First-Ever Website Builder for WordPress

WP Builder is our base framework that installs on your WordPress website as a plugin and enables you to create unique templates using our Pre-Built UI Blocks or extend your WordPress website functionality with the Add-ons.

The Website Builder


WP Builder is not just another Page Builder; however, it is the First-Ever Full Website Builder. You can create any number of WP Builder Templates, include relevant UI Blocks and assign the template to any section of your WordPress website.

You can assign WP Builder templates to the custom Homepage, Posts page, Posts Archive pages, Single Post page, Single Page, specific Category or Taxonomy, Search Page and even 404 pages.

The Framework

WP Builder plugin acts as a base framework which makes available the combined resources required for all UI Blocks, Add-ons, pre-built Templates and full Websites.

Most of the resources, including CSS and Javascript, are already available for the UI Blocks and Add-ons so you can use any number of UI Blocks and Add-ons on your website without worrying about the extra load on your server and website speed.

The WP Builder Cloud


WP Builder Cloud allows you to install, upgrade and uninstall the UI Blocks, Add-ons, pre-designed landing pages and even full websites in just one click.

We don’t install everything on your server when you activate WP Builder. However, WP Builder Cloud gives you the option to download and install whatever you want to use on your website.

WP Builder framework holds and makes available most of the CSS and Javascript, so instaling 100s of UI Blocks doesn’t slow down your website.

The Templates


You can create any number of WP Builder Templates and choose to include different UI Blocks based on the type of layout you are creating. While creating a template, you can start by adding a top navigation block, hero panel block, content blocks and the footer blocks.

You have full control of the layout you want to create for any template, and you are not stuck or forced to keep the same header and footer for your entire website. The only limitation is your Imagination!

UI Blocks


Our ever-growing collection of UI Blocks consists of pre-designed full-width elements created with the current coding and design standards.

Unlike other page builders, we don’t ask you to design the layout from scratch by adding rows, columns and then the design elements. We give you a wide range of pre-designed, fully customizable, full-width design elements which you include in any template with just one click. With the inline editor, You can easily change the look and content of each UI Block as per your brand and content strategy.

Using other page builders

WP Builder comes with the WordPress Page UI Block which renders the page content wherever its called. If you are using any other page builder you can easily create the layout with the installed page builder and use the WordPress Page UI Block to render the page content. This will render the content part from the other page builder within the WP Builder layout.

In-built SCSS Compiler


WP Builder and all our products use Bulma CSS framework, and with SCSS variables, we can easily define the fonts, colours and other CSS attributes for the entire website.

WP Builder comes with in-built SCSS Compiler which allows you to choose the fonts and brand colours from the backend. Once you save the settings, WP Builder compiles the SCSS with the specified values for these variables, and apply the changes to all UI Blocks and Add-ons, which make it super easy to maintain your brand fonts and colours consistent across the entire website.



WP Builder comes with a variety of add-ons to extend the functionality of your WordPress website. Our team is actively developing add-ons to make it super easy to add additional features to your WordPress website. Click here to check out available add-ons.

Get WP Builder

WP Builder is free to download and you can also install it from WordPress Pluigns page.

The free version comes with a lot of free UI Blocks and Add-ons, however, if you wish to use any of our premium products, you can subscribe to WP Builder Pro which gives you access to use to all our premium and free products on your personal or commercial website.

Download WP Builder is built using WP Builder and works with most popular and SEO and Cache plugins.



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WP Builder enables you to create unique layouts for each section of your WordPress website, not just pages.

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