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Installing Add-ons

WP Builder Add-ons extend the functionality of your WordPress website. Each Add-on comes with specific features which you can choose to enable as per your website or business requirements.

WP Builder Add-ons can be installed normally as WordPress plugins or via WP Builder Cloud.

Via WP Builder Cloud

  1. Once you have installed and activated WP Builder on your WordPress website, You can see the WP Builder in the admin menu.
  2. Go to WP Builder – WP Builder Cloud page where you can install and upgrade all our products.
  3. Click on the Add-ons tab and you will see a list of all available WP Builder Add-ons.
  4. Click the download icon and the add-on will be installed and activated on your WordPress website.
  5. WP Builder Cloud does not install the add-ons in /wp-content/plugins
    instead the add-on folder is created in /wp-content/uploads/wp-builder/add-ons directory.
  6. If any add-on requires other add-ons to extend the functionality, WP Builder Cloud will automatically install these add-ons.
    for example, WP Frontend Auth add-on requires WP Form Builder add-on to extend the authentication forms so when you install WP Frontend Auth, WP Form Builder will be installed and activated automatically.

Installing Add-ons purchased via Envato

A few of our premium Add-ons are also available on Envato marketplace and you buy the regular or extended license.

  1. Once you have purchased any of our Add-ons from Envato marketplace, you can download the Zip file from the Envato’s downloads page.
  2. Make sure you have already installed WP Builder on your website as all our Add-ons require WP Builder to be installed and activated to work.
  3. You can install the Add-ons zip file via Plugins – Add New page Upload section, however, we recommend installing the Add-ons via WP Builder Cloud.
    1. You must install and activate WP Builder on your website to access WP Builder Cloud on your website.
    2. Login to your WordPress admin dashboard
    3. Go to WP Builder – WP Builder Cloud page and click the Upload tab.
    4. Here you can choose to drag and drop the add-on’s zip file or enter the Envato purchase code to install and activate the add-on on your website.


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