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launch your wordpress projects faster with our collection of awesome easy to use ui blocks and addons.

Testimonial Slider with Toggle Arrows (UI Block - 583)

This block helps you showcase a testimonial panel with a title, description and toggle arrows for the testimonials. The slider also automatically toggles the testimonials. You can also see the user avatars along with the testimonial content.

Basic Contact Form (UI Block - 535)

This block helps you showcase a basic contact form with a title and a short description.

Testimonial Content Slider (UI Block - 595)

This block helps you showcase a content panel where the user can toggle through the testimonials manually. It also displays a rounded user avatar along with a star rating.

Content Panel with Left Image (UI Block - 512)

This Block helps you showcase a content panel with an image aligned to the left. The right section has a title and a description only. To make the appearance of this block interesting, you can add a number or a text in the background of the content column.

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