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launch your wordpress projects faster with our collection of awesome easy to use ui blocks and addons.

Images and Video Content Panel (UI Block - 424)

This block lets you showcase any video along with two images in a 2 columns format. It can be ideal for showcasing product pictures along with a demo or a tutorial video. Use this block to add an attractive feature anywhere on your site.

Footer Panel with Callback Form (UI Block - 609)

This block helps you showcase a footer panel to share your business contact info and location over a map iFrame. Also, the users can request a call from you by sharing their phone number via a simple form. The panel allows you to add your social profile font icons in the bottom section of the block.

WordPress Page ( UI Block - 442 )

This Block helps you showcase page content or any elements added by any 3rd party page builders. You can use this block on any page of your website. 

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